About Me
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about me
i am married with two children aged 25 & 23 years old,
i live with my husband and we both enjoy our birds very much we also belong to the australian finch society. were we learn a lot about our birds through the meetings we attend.

The History or Story Behind My Site
we started in birds 20 years ago, as i have already mentioned, but when we started we had 2 pairs of society finches in a small shed with just 2 cages to breed them in.
we now have a large shed with heating & lighting, a block of 18 breeding cages 3 outside flights, 2 inside flights and a avairy with a pair of african grey parrots plus a very large koi pond. so as you can see they do seem to grow on you after a while and you tend to expand.

to find out more information on our birds we breed we joint the australian finch society and attend there meetings and shows.

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My Links http;//finchworld.com